Saturday, August 31, 2013

Just another Pretty Face?

This world we live in, has billion souls, billions faces, some pretty, some plain, some big, some skinny. Everyone at least once in their life has wished to be good-looking, hey, its normal. its human nature, we always want something we never have, and if we do have it; we can't get enough of it. We want more, our desires get greedier.
Have you ever looked at a pretty girl and gone- 'Oh how I wish I was that good-looking. I would have the world begging at my knees.' Or for you boys, looked at a good looking guy and gone- 'I wish I was him. Girls would always flock around me.' We somehow have this mentality that good looking people have an easier life, things are complicated for them. Trust me, you and I can argue or debate about this all we want, but we both  know, deep inside however small; you have the feeling. Hey, I thought so too, so join the club. Albeit is there really a theory behind this statement or is this a prejudice of some people that has caught now to the world like the common cold?
Have you ever seen this stereotype? If a girl is beautiful, she isn't really considered to be clever or intelligent. Isn't this how the origin of the stereotype Blondie came from? Anyone who has a moment of foolishness, you will here the chime of this statement- "Oh, don't be such a Blondie!" Who came up with this theory that blondes' are dumb? Is there a scientific reason behind it? NO. One idiot starts the chain and the fools follow. What an absurd remark! Who has the right to decide how one's hair color depends on their intellectual level of their brain? God has given us all brains, isn't it up to us as to how we use them? It has nothing to do with this rubbish stereotypical statements.
If you're a beautiful girl, people will tell you not to worry about the future because your beauty will catch the eye of some rich idiot who will want to marry you and sorted scenes for your life. I get so frustrated when I hear such things. As it is being a woman in this diabolical Indian society is difficult, to add on this stupidity. If  a pretty girl fails in something in her life, the people around her will plant this non-sense of "She's just another pretty face with no brains. Beauty with no brains. Blonde'  Why don't people try to walk in their shoes before judging? I think the prettiest faces have gone through the worst pain. But this world doesn't understand that.It's just the way this world works. I've given up hope for this mentality to ever change.
All I can say to the girls and boys who can relate to this is that be strong. In times like these, you have no one but yourself to rely on, rekindle your self-confidence. Work harder, have faith and most importantly believe in yourself. If you don't, then who will? Make it happen, shock everyone of them. Its the best darn felling in the world, I assure you.  Make it clear to the world that you are NOT just a pretty face! You are so much MORE.