Monday, August 25, 2014

I see you

I see the way you haunch you back, slouching in a manner my mother would have a fit over, the bags under you eyes suggesting that your amber colored stones have seen more than they should have, the half empty cup of caffeine your calloused fingers clutch; The lack of sleep evident even for the blacked orbs of a blind man.
The way your fingers twitch, the way your eyes keep looking at your phone, the crooked frown that mars your strong jawline, the way your eyebrows knit in frustration, the way your legs are tapping against the pathway, and your restless ways annoy the grandma sitting across you, evidently judging you, and probably raiding on this generation kids. The way your foreheads starts to form beads of sweat while at the same time you pull your pale blue sweater around you, your white as ghost skin flush a lush pink of embarrassment or excitement, your evident impatience catching every eye in the park. While the different hues of orange and red light up the sky, your eyes reflecting the colours, almost as if your skull have rubies in them. The tension palatable and the suspense of a phone call slowly killing you as your eyes wander to the skies, seemingly silently praying for something. 
Finally the snazzy ring tone of you phone literally shakes you up, while I watch you spring on your feet, the lack luster of days of insomnia vanishes and you walk to and fro, talking, and then suddenly throwing the phone down. My breath hitched and my heart pounded thinking of all the terrible scenarios that could have happened to you. 
I couldn't make out from your lips to lip sync your conversation, but I sure could hear the loud pounding of your heart, almost as if it wanted to be break free from your rib cage. I knew something big has happened. What? I don't know. 
But the way you threw you head back and astoundingly  laughed, with a little bounce in you walk, the twinkling gleam in your eyes, that crooked frown turned upside down with a blinding smile, and the way your lips screamed to the whole wide world. 
 "IT'S A GIRL!" 
I knew it didn't matter anymore.