Thursday, December 19, 2013

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas

It's was one of those evenings, where you just want to hot cuppa of coffee in one hand, and the other with a favourite book and just spending the evening, watching the sunset. Across the park was the row of shops with those cute chrismsy decorations. My mind was in a certain mood to observe my fellow bystanders, to be a wallflower if you must call it. I watched as people were frantically frolicking to these shops for forgotten or maybe last minute Christmas shopping for their loved and dear ones. Maybe a doll, a toy car, a piece of jewellery etc. After all, it is the season of giving gifts, in all it's jittery glory. As I felt the coldness of the winter the moment the sun kisses the horizon, almost as if it was giving us a chance to soak up it's last  rays for the day. Goosebumps arise on the skin of my arms and I tug my sweater a little closer, trying to preserve my body heat. By a fleeting moment, my eye catches the sight of a young boy, dressed in hoodie and cargo pants. His face is dirty, no, not in the physical sense, but as if he is annoyed, guilty almost, like the weight of the world is on his shoulders. He wouldn't be more than 8 years but his eyes held a sense of maturity, which I was a little perturbed by. I don't know how or when but I found myself standing in front of the boy staring down on him as he fiddled with this fingers.

"Hi boy, what your name?" I asked. "The name is Dave, Madame." I was pleased with his civility and manners and decided to make small talk with this young man. "So what's a young boy like you doing here? Isn't  your family looking for you?" He just strugged his defeated shoulders and with a far away look in his eyes, stared as the sun finally set and the darkness of the night draped on the evening sky. "I have a family of 9 Madame. 4 sisters and 3 bothers along with daddy and mummy. They don't know I'm here." 
"What is it boy? You looked distant." I asked. 
"Madame I come from a middle class family, where my elder sisters and parents are working all the time to make ends meet. What troubles me is that they are so busy, I think they have forgotten that Christmas is day after tomorrow. Our family isn't much into celebrating, but we always buy a Christmas tree. But this year, it's looks like everyone forgot about it. This makes me sad, cause I've being asking Santa to give my family and I a big Christmas celebration but I don't think he has been getting my letters." He said with a sigh. 
I was astounded to hear this. Celebrating  Christmas has always been one of foundest  memories of childhood. 
Offering him my hand, I said "Come on! Let's remind your family the joy of Christmas?" The boy with an enigmatic smile just simply smiled and helded my hand and dragged me behind an oak tree where I saw shabbily cut Christmas tree branches decorated with a bunch of shiny streamers. He looked at me and said "My hands are too small to carry them all. Can you help me carry this to my cycle?"  he asked with his big puppy dog eyes. 
My heart elated with love and adoration for the little boy as I helped him carry it to his cycle parked about 2 blocks away. "Thank you Madame, I hope you have the most wonderful Christmas and a new year. I hope Santa gets your letter and your stocking is filled with all your gifts." I just gave the boy a warm smile and just when I was going to depart, the little boy turned around and said "Oh and Madame? If you ever meet Santa? Can you tell him it's okay?" Perplexed with his request I gave him a questioning look to which he gave a gleeful laugh and said "Tell Santa that it's okay if he misplaced my letter. I'm not disppointed with him, I understand he has millions of other kids who aren't as lucky as me to give gifts to.   Tell him it's okay. It's okay Santa, I still love you." With a last smile and twinkle in this eyes, he rode away into the darkness. 
This, THIS is the meaning of Christmas. THIS is why I love this time of the year. ❤️

PS- Merry Christmas and happy new year to all you wonderful people out there ❤️ 😊