Thursday, March 26, 2015

The greatest game ever played?

So it's the cricket World Cup and for everyone in my homeland India this is the time for everyone to forget their problems for a while maybe wear their lucky underwear, socks, paint their faces blue or tricolour ,have a bunch of excuses ready to get out of work during the match days and the time where everyone comes together to cheer our boys in blue. It's pretty enthralling to be a part of such vigour, excitement and thrilling time of the year. Young, old, middle age men and women all over India come together to be a part of this event.
Even though, undoubtedly our men in blue are one of the best on the field, I feel like I have to acknowledge the elephant in the room. An elephant that we have ignored to the extend that it's cries are deafening. 
I'm sorry, but are we Indians aware that there are other sports apart from cricket? I'm sure we are, but we turn a blind eye to it. Can someone please tell me why?
Let's get it straight, I have nothing against the sport cricket or the sportsmen. Instead just like every other Indian, I support it wholeheartedly. But why do we as a society ignore the other 99% of other sports that are played in this country? Is it because that our men on blue are the best in their respective field? I'm sorry, but which player won't do well if he's facilitated with the best amenities, played in crores of rupees, his family more than taken care of,the whole nation supporting their sport as if their lives dependent on it, every event he plays- his travel and stay and equipment is well paid for without a glitch. Not to forget the outstanding amount of money private and public sectors pay for this IPL? The amazing amount of money we bid for international players and their stay and equipment? The expenses are almost comical if it weren't for the underlying important which we Indians give to this spot. Yes, I abhor the importance given to this sport. I condemn it whole heartily. 
What about Basketball? Football? Our national sport- hockey? Tennis? Badminton?
Yes, the government has started the IFL and Hockey league too, but for what? Are they paid as much as cricketers? Are they given world class amenities and equipment? Do thousands of people bunk their work and college to watch a semi final? Even if 50% of the population of India is aware of any other sports than cricket, it'd be achievement! Let's be real, NBA, Barclay, Super Bowl is known by a certain class of people who have TV and have subscribed to English sports channels, and this certain class is very little in comparison to this ever growing country of billions. More than half our country is below poverty line, but the roots of crickets are deepened since ancient India, which ironically introduced to us by the British.
Every Indian youth knows,it's almost like an unspoken rule that: if you want to do be in the big league in any sport and make it a profession, I think it's understood that they better as hell be good in circket or they might as well kiss their beloved sports career goodbye at national level only. Cause where does all the funding for international level tournaments for basketball/football/Kabbadi/Tennis/ swimming etc etc go? That's right. Circket! BINGOOOO.
Why don't you people understand? If you give the same importantance, love and adoration to sports other than circket, I assure you there going to be a Sachin Tandulkar in every sport. A Dhoni in basketball, football,tennis, hockey, etc. Every sports own kind of Virat Kholi. There no depletion of talent, if anything there a ocean full of it, but the tools to tame the waves of this ocean are being used only in cricket. Why can't there be an Indian team in the next FIFA? In Wimbledon? 
Let that sink in. 
I do appreciate the governments efforts to increase interest to other sports but I feel that unless we as Indians break this stigma that cricket is a gods game and the only sport out there in the world, maybe our national heroes in sports won't be treated as shit, with bare minimum pay and shitty equipment and zero acknowledgement from our world class neetaji's or any kind of awards given to them. By our one sided attitude do you know how many Sachin's, Kapil's, Dhoni's dreams we've washed away by our indifference? Think about it. 

Saying all of this, I also want to end on something I came across, to the people who think like me too, dear people bashing on cricket or abusing this game and hating on it won't get you anywhere. You'll just fuel people's ego because this games roots are embedded too deep to stop with a few hate words, instead you're the one looking like a fool. Don't hate the game, hate the importance given to it. YES, there's a difference. Educate yourself of this fine line, because I'm done explaining my believes. 

So to answer the question- which is the greatest game ever played? 
Answer: Every game played in the whole goddamn world.
Godspeed my friends. 
Let's bleed blue in every sport.