Saturday, May 16, 2015

10 Reasons Why Pune is like no other place

1. The Weather

Whether it's the Monsoon season, Summer, Autumn or Winter; Pune has a way of beautifully wearing its seasonal veil with a nice breeze to always suite your mood. Being a student oriented population, this city's weather is perfect for every adventure to be taken.


2. The Rich Heritage Sites

From the Aga Khan Palace to Sinhagad Fort to Vetill Hill; One never tends to run out of places to see and reminisce about this country's stunning architecture and rich heritage. The haunting stories of the palaces to the battles stories of the whispering ghosts of the forts, Pune has a way of singing the songs of past glory.
Aga Khan Palace

Sinhagad Fort 

3. The Food

Pune is a foodie's heaven. Its has a very cosmopolitan background to cater for all cuisines from Chinese to Italian to European. From the juicy burgers from Burger Barn to the Vada Pav from Joshi's Vada Pav to Nile's biryani to the famous and lip smacking Shrewberry biscuits to Budhani chips to Chitale's sweets and namkeen to Vaishali's veggie friendly delicacies, Pune is literally a food paradise. 

Chitale's famous bakarwadi

Shrewsbury Biscuits 


4. The Nightlife

Pune has always been considered a very safe city for women. It's buzzing nightlife is very active during weekends where the local pubs and restaurants have amazing deals and with some or the other local celebrity music bands playing, to keep the dance floor pumping while local auto rickshaws are always available as local transport.There are always some local plays at the theatre or the cinema halls flooded with movie buffs, the city is alive on weekends and will be sure to give you weekends blues the coming Monday morning. 

Local pubs 

A concert at a local pub

5.  Shopping

Pune caters to every whim of a shopaholic, from street shopping at FC road or antique artefacts or furnisher at Juna Bazaar; to sandal shopping for the famous Osho Ashram slippers to the top notch brands at the many malls, everything is found here. The local street shopping is very pocket friendly and one can get everything- from clothes to jewellery in these shops. One's bargaining skills are definitely going to improve while shopping here. If this hustle bustle is not cut out for you then the many shopping malls with hundreds of international brands are always there. 

Women shopping at the local market
Amanora Mall
6. Local connectivity

Pune has the perfect location for weekend get-aways to Lonavala- a scenic drive among green mountains to this beautiful hill-station.  The beautiful Pune-Mumbai expressway is a smooth drive to the city that never sleeps- Mumbai, a coastal metropolitan city which is one of India's leading growing cities. Pune is also well connected by road to other states like Goa, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh.

Mumbai-Pune expressway

A tunnel on the expressway
7. The Pune Racecourse

The Pune Racecourse is an open 118.5 acres lush green filed where most of the local horse-racing and Polo matches take place. Its is controlled by the Army Cantonment area and is very well looked after. Matches are often held where the locals can watch and enjoy with a delicious brunch at the Truf Club. Many tournaments are also held here. 

The Pune Racecourse

Horse racing 

8. Places of Worship

Pune is known for its famous Dagadusheth Halwai Ganapathi temple where the Lord Ganesh is worshipped. People where all around India come to worship here and see its beauty. The St Mary's School Church is another such place which was built during the British rule and is one the oldest churches with beautifully draped glass windows. Or the Pataleshwar rock caves which is another heritage site. 

9. Osho Ashram 

The perfect place to kick back relax and learn and study the science of meditation. The stillness in the air and the aura of peacefulness and oneness that radiates from this place is one of a kind. People from all around the world come here to meditate. This ashram also offers ancient techniques for cleansing the body and modern original music as well. A place for absolute seredity and peace.
A devotee meditating at the ashram

The Osho Garden

10. Green City

Pune is known as a green city owing to the lush green tress and landscapes that adorn the city. It also has many beautifully landscaped gardens which are every nature lovers paradise. From the Botanical gardens in Empress Gardens to the quite beauty of the Osho Garden to the fountains of Bund Garden, Pune is truly a sight for sore eyes in terms of natural green tress.
The Flower Festival at Empress Garden 

A fountain in the Bund Garden Park

Pune's vast diversity and the amicable people of this city make it one of the best cities to intern in. So if you are looking for a place to intern, whether you are an international or local student, everyone and anyone is welcomed into this beautiful city which has many doors to open for social interaction and leadership opportunities. 
So if interested, what are you waiting for? To register yourself and log onto to and enjoy what this city has to offer firsthand.