Monday, November 9, 2015

An Unlikely Diwali

I noticed him, sitting on his bed, lazing around while my mother ran around the house, yelling at the maid to dust properly as she herself cleaned and washed out the curtains and bedsheets. November had begun and so did the cold, but with Diwali just around the corner and the yearly house cleaning had begun. I could see him clearly annoyed at the fact like his house was being topped over and being scubbed nice and shiny. Just like me, he didn't like change. Maybe he'll miss the smell of the old house, as mother saw to it that house smelled of new paint and turpentine. A makeover to wash over the old. He stuck his little nose out in annoyance as I laughed in amusement.
Even though he didn't fit under the normal companions-to-have in society, little did he know that he meant the world to me. He didn't talk much and couldn't understand my language, but our eyes did all the talking. His brain might have lacked the normal intelligence of a normal human, but he was in every way smarter than any other person I'd ever known. His beady little eyes looked up as he caught starring at me as I quickly looked away and pretending like he wasn't there. He and I were on a time out. He had, after all, spilt a whole carton of milk on my favourite sweatshirt that very morning. I couldn't give him the satisfaction of knowing I was staring at him, let alone thinking of him. He always got out of tricky situations but this time I didn't want to give in. I couldn't almost feel his mischievous eyes on me, as I imagined him laughing his heart out.  I couldn't stay mad at him for long, even if I tried and he knew that; so before he could approach me, I quickly walked out and locked myself in my bedroom as he yelled my name. I'm sorry, but you mess with my favourite sweatshirt, you get the silent treatment.
Somehow I managed to nod off to sleep.
Not knowing how, or for how long, I found myself waking up to the noise of firecrackers and rockets as people all around me we're celebrating the festival of Diwali. I sat quietly and stared out of my window to the multicoloured and glittery skyline as the smog got heavier and the burnt smell hung in the air. I knew mom would soon come up demanding I dress up and come to the pooja so I decided to get ready. 
When I suddenly heard him scream in pain. I ran downstairs and took him in my arms as I hugged him and whispered soothing words in his ears. Nothing seemed to work. My mom then quickly shut all the windows and doors in hopes of making our house a little more soundproof but alas, nothing worked. I brushed his soft brown hair as I tried to put on the TV to his favourite channel but he just yelled lounder and hid under the bed. Little did I know that my little furry friend was going to be this scared of crackers. The sound of his cries made my heart bleed as I sat helplessly trying to soothe things for my little furry companion as the sounds of the firecrackers just got louder as his cries got softer and he whimpered in pain. Maybe the festival of light isn't really a festival for him at all. "Hey there buddy, I'm right here. Right here with you." I whispered as his terrified eyes looked at me in question,"But my ears hurt. Do something." 
Atleast I can lessen the sounds for my dog, but what about his other furry friends on the street? Who will look after them I wondered.  

PS- so as you know Diwali is just around the corner and you may be tempted to go and spend thousands of rupees on buying firecrackers. Not only is it harmful for the air, but it's physically and emotionally painful for all animals. Not only dogs, but birds, cats etc. So it's my humble request that you have an eco friendly Diwali and say no to crackers. I don't have a dog, but I wish I could have. This little short story could not cover even half of what dogs go through, but please I urge you to think about them and hope you have a safe and happy Diwali & a happy new year. 

Hope you enjoyed this. 
Until next time readers 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Secularism: an ancient terminology.

Secularism: According to the internet, "One manifestation of secularism is asserting the right to be free from religious rule and teachings, or, in a state declared to be neutral on matters of belief, from the imposition by government of religion or religious practices upon its people." 

I'm sure most of you have heard about the recent events happening in our so called 'secular' and democratic country, where a man was lynched to death due to the suspicion of the fact that he might have cooked beef in his house in UP.

Wait, hold on a minute, WHAT? I'm sorry but when did we get the authority and the right to publicly lynch a person to death due to something he has done inside the confines of his own house? Unless he's cooking meth or raping a minor or cannibalism is in the picture or any other such humanly unaccepted behavior; nobody, and I mean nobody has the right to kill someone. Can someone also tell me as to why there was an official check by the police force to see if he had beef or not, before they could arrested the mob that lynched the man more important than just throwing the culprits into jail? I'll eat beef, pork, chicken, octopus, lizard too if that’s my fancy within the premises of my house, but what I cook and eat is my business and my business only. Not my religion, not the government, not the police, not my neighbors, not anyone. What I chose to cook and eat is none of the outside world's business? Understand that please.

Do people understand that a Muslim man eating beef inside his house, does not in any way related remotely to the fact that he is demeaning a Hindu's religious sentiments? Dear Hindu extremists, the world does not revolve around you or your religion. Sincerely, the rest of the world.

 If a man wants to eat beef, he wants to eat beef. It's that simple. Stop hiding behind your religion curtain and giving us Indians sad excuses for such kind of barbaric actions.

India for centuries is known for its secular society with its various culturally diverse groups all living together without any extreme incidents like this? Even our ancestors are better read in this topic than the present society.

I mean, all that talk about development and digital India and we can't stand someone eating beef inside their own house? *slow clap*

The Maharashtra beef ban is one of the stupidest ban's our government could have ever come up with, and seeing the recent attacks regarding this issue; seems likes the rest of India wants to catch up to it too. If you really gave a shit about our sacred cows, maybe try to get them off our roads and stop them from eating garbage. Cows in India die more from road accidents and consumption of plastic from garbage cans than anything. If they're so sacred to you, then please see that you spend money on the cows and their hygiene and give them grazing fields to feed on, give them the respect you think they deserve when you argue how lynching a man for eating beef is justifiable. Can you do that?

I think we all know the answer to that question.

So before you go spewing rubbish and giving us speeches as to how you did that to protect our Hindu religion, remember you're in a secular country. A country where a Hindu can eat pork in the same room as a Muslim can eat beef. If you're going to ban beef in Hindu majority states, then please ban pork in Muslim majority places too. If you're going to ban sale of chicken for a few days to protect the sentiments of the Jain community, then please by all means ban the sale of liquor and pork during the month of Ramzaan for the Muslim community.

If you still don't get the meaning of secularism, dear government, please go back to history books where India and Pakistan were one and we lived with the Muslim eating beef community just as they lived with our pork eating Hindu community. What a person's eating preferences are, is something not to be even thought of or let alone debated on. But I'm ashamed of being in a country where what I eat can be the very reason I can be killed. Just where is my country heading too?

So here's my take on this debate.

Dear government and so called "Hindu-religion-protectors", first things first, bans do not work in this country. Instead you promote the cause of the ban to a level even Salmaan Khan's films don't reach.

Second, anything and everything a man of the religious minority does, is not related to Hinduism, especially if he's a Muslim. I mean even the Arabian country's allow a man to have pork inside the confines of his house. Saudi Arabia countries are better off than us in terms of such tolerance. Let that sink in.

Third, you call this society we live in as a secular society. Learn the meaning then, or just don't call yourselves secular. If there was a secular India, it's sure gone away now. There's nothing secular about our nation presently, so stop being foolish and trying to sell us out delusion. Nobody is buying it.

Sincerely a-18-year-old-girl-whose's-scared-for-the-future-for-her-country.

Until next time readers


Saturday, September 12, 2015



He didn't know where this little boat was taking him, but he was glad to get some piece of quiet from the dark nights back home. His little ears couldn't take anymore gunshot sounds or wailing. His Papa always told him to put cotton in his ears and sleep, but the cotton itched his skin and he often spent nights scared out of his mind as he feel asleep to the wails of women all around him and firing. He always wondered if this is what children all over this world listened to as they too slept but Papa always told him that children across the big blue ocean from his house slept to the sounds of crickets and frogs croaking and on most nights to no sound at all.

Feeling sleepy, he hid his tiny head under his Papa's shoulder as the salty breeze tickled him to sleep. After countless nights of no sleep, he had a dream. He was sitting in a boat just the same as the one he was sitting in right now, as a big wave hit the boat as it rocked dangerously. He felt her eyes on him, burning holes through his tiny back, as she watched his family fall into the big blue ocean. He saw that his mother had stopped struggling to keep afloat, as she pushed him towards a bright orange tube. She suddenly went as still as the body he saw outside his pavement of his house back home, except his mother smelled of salt and sea weed instead of the unbearable rotten smell that came out of that body. His papa was nowhere in sight. When she suddenly turned towards him and almost lovingly waved her arms around his fragile little body as though showering him with kisses. Almost as if she knew that he would fall from the boat and would need support. Not to mention, the stillness and peacefulness that came with her kisses and hugs, almost made him forget that she was a stranger and that she might be dangerous. Throwing caution to the wind, he took her cold but somehow warm hugs and clung to her as everyone else got washed away. He held on with both his tiny arms as she lulled him to sleep. Had he known his wasn't a dream and he had been lulled to death, maybe then his tiny body wouldn't have been washed ashore on the pearly white beaches of Turkey as Mother Nature swept his sleeping lifeless body on the beach, the waves kissing his cold cheek relentlessly, as he looked deep in slumber; for the whole of humanity to cry out in pain. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


The soft wind swept her sticky face, tickling her as she felt her eyelids drop and the humidity and stickiness of the sun made her even sleepy as she dragged her foot forward to the taxi stand. She had just stepped out of the train station and had another half an hour journey calling her name as she sun beat down her back and she cursed herself for not putting any sunscreen as she felt her dusky Indian skin cry is horror as it turned two shades darker. She could almost hear her mother's monologue in the background, "Who will marry you? Nobody likes a dark skinned girl." Her inner snark already rebutting with a "Yes, the whole point of  my life is to marry a boy, mother dear." Her heart panged at the thought of her mother as she became terribly homesick. Living in a PG away from home can only be exciting for so long before one starts miss their family.
Her turn to catch a taxi finally came, as she paid for her prepaid cab and waited for the cab to arrive. The bright yellow taxi almost hurt their eyes in the hot tropical sun as the cabbie smiled amicably and opened the door for her. The chill of the AC offered some respite to her sticky hot skin as he started the drive home. With nothing to do, she studied the cabbie's profile. Long nose, wrinkled skin, a small button nose with a bushy black moustache and curly black hair, he was a stark resemblance of her uncle back in her home town. He smiled politely when he suddenly asked her name. Skeptically she told her first name. His eyes suddenly sparkled and he told his name as Rajesh Kumar and that he was from South India from the state of Tamil Nadu. Hearing stories about kidnapping and rape cases among public services, she was on alert as to why this stranger was telling her all thing about his life. He went on to ask what she was studying and where she was from. Not reading any signs of psychopathic or murderous sign from the cabbie, she curtly gave him one reply words, hoping he would get a hint. But the simpleton not reading her signs, went on to talk about his family, his nephew who is studied in the same college as her and is now in Canada, about his two daughters, how he misses his family who he left back in Tamil Nadu in hope of providing them better, his two daughter who are studying in 10th and 8th and getting all scholarships and straight A's, and lastly his wife's cooking. She may not have been interested in talking to him before, but she recognised something she hadn't before; his eyes. She saw the same sad eyes as hers, eyes that were missing the familiarity of their home and warmth of their family. She politely smiled and nodded and listened intently to everything he said. Just as they reached her destination, he turned back and smiled so sincerely, all her doubts and coldness melted as he said, "Thank you for talking to me so nicely. I work all day and drop passengers from here to there, but most are too busy on their phones or don't want to talk to me as I'm a cabbie. Do you know I wait to go home so I can talk to people? My friends and family are tired of hearing me talk, and keep telling me to shut up, but I need to make up for the silence I hold the whole day. But you listened and didn't shut me down completely. So thank you Miss!" She laughed as she paid him as she felt her cheeks redden with embarrassment for the suspicion she felt for this simple man. His cute crooked smile filled her lungs with cheer as she told him, "You and I, are outsiders who are surviving in this city for the betterment of our families. I know the feeling and hope his helps you to go on a holiday to visit them." as left him a generous tip and she walked to her PG.
"You made my day miss." he said.
''No, you made mine."

This is actually an incident that occurred to me. Just added some spice but I really liked his man. It was such a pleasure to have met him.
Dear Rajesh Kumar, wherever you are, I hope you're doing well. I'm sorry for my indifference and I hope you see your family soon.

Until next time readers

Friday, June 26, 2015

Equal Love

So as everyone is aware, the American Government made history by declaring equal marital rights and dignities to the gays and lesbians. It's a remarkable win for all its citizens and a damn well reason to be proud of it's government. I couldn't be more happier for the LGBTQ community; it's a massive well deserved win.

Now while we can share their happiness, our LGBTQ community is far from celebrating this achievement with the Indian government making gay rights the least of their worries. Now I'm not saying the government is sitting and fiddling with their thumbs, I know there are a million other issues being sorted out, but freedom to choose who you marry, who you can love is a fundamental right that cannot be denied because you think homosexuality is "unnatural". I'm not going to try and change your views on homosexuals. That's something that is personal according to me and the orthodox nature of our ancestors are too deep rooted to change by reading a few words.

Yes, we may be one of the few countries in the world to recognise a 3rd sex: Transgenders, but has that really changed the dynamics? Hijra's (aka transgenders) are still not given as much dignity in our society as asked, they're not given the same job opportunities as males or females, just maybe the right to vote. Most still spend their lives begging at street corners. But at least the court and the law legally recognises them. The gays and lesbians aren't even recognised as natural humans and are given the status of outer-space species or aliens or clinically challenged.
Since the time the Indian Government back in 2013 declined to repeal section 377, homophobia has been on the rise. Supporters of the LGBTQ community have been worried that by criminalising homosexuality, gays and lesbians are venuerable to police or public brutalities and homophobia.
Recently Mr Gay who represented that gay community on international platforms withdrew from a pageant as he was scared to death by the homophobic people who sent his family death threats and warnings. One boy was reported almost beaten to death by fellow classmates who justified it as a cleansing process and to make him "straighter". Oh I'm so sorry, I didn't realise that a boy liking his own sex is disrupting your life and causing problems in your life. Indians and their pigheadedness can never fail to surprise me.

We might have gay pride and walks, but I feel it's more of an act of rebellion against the court's decision rather than concentration on the real issues at hand and fighting for whats right. Now I'm not saying that gay prides are a farce, they're very much real and relevant. But voicing and fighting for basic fundamental rights are lost in the background noise.

And to all the bigot's who think of homosexuality as ''unnatural" and think gays and lesbians should go to a doctor to get themselves checked and cure them as "straight.", I'm sorry that someone's preference to love and marry their own gender is harming you. I didn't know that homosexuality is highly contagious and now somehow you'll be pooping rainbows and boys will start dressing as girls and girls as boys. And this other million dollar question as to; how can they produce kids? It's scientifically and medically impossible. There is something known as adopting and I'm sorry but I didn't realise that the whole point of loving someone and marrying them is to have kids. Then why don't you shun every infertile couple out there?
 Oh my just imagine the horror. Someone living the life they want can actually affect your happiness and life so just save on the trouble and shun these people by calling them outer galactic species and aliens or send them death threats so that they live and die in the closet.

Yes, I'm a straight girl who supports gay rights, and I hope to see a day when I don't have to support them just as they don't need to support me for being heterosexual. I hope every citizen of this country is given the right to love, marry, court, have relations with any person they wish irrespective of their gender.
As Macklemore rightly said: I might not be the same but that's not important. No freedom 'till we're equal damn right I support it.

Now you may or may not support it. But you sure as hell don't have the right to outcast and derogate them as unnatural and send them to witch doctors to be cured. Don't hate them cause you don't share their beliefs or understand their love, but give them the same amount of respect as they give you. You don't see them being heterophobic now, do you? All I'm asking is to show them such respect and dignity, as they to you.

Waiting for the day where love conquers all in my country too ❤️ 

Until next time readers!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Out of the box

So as many of you are aware of the recent news that has broken the Internet about the very controversial reality TV series family called the Kardashians. Love them, hate them, don't care about, they've always got the media going into a frenzy with their bold family values and tactics. But you must have heard of Bruce Jenner who underwent hormone replacement therapy and has come out as  a trans woman; Caityn Jenner.
Who's Bruce jenner? He is a former American field track and field athlete whose has won a gold  medal in the men decathlon event at the 1976 Summer Olympics.
Who's Caityln Jenner? The former named Bruce Jenner who has finally come out to the world after struggling for most of her life with her sexuality. Nothing has changed, Bruce and Caityln are the same person with just different names.

As we are born, we are recognised clinically as a boy or a girl by doctors. There's no grey area with your gender. You're born as a certain sex, boom. No questions asked you're either a male or a female. There's no blurred lines, no stepping over boundaries. But what if you aren't fitting in these two boxes of labels? You don't identify as a male or female? Does that mean you don't have any box to tick and now you're an out caste?

Here's a few words that has added as binary gender words

(adj) nothing or relating to a person who doesn't have any specific gender identity or recognisable gender expression.
 (noun) a person who is agender.

(adj) Also bigendered. Nothing or relating to a person who has two gender identities or a combination  of both.
(noun) a person who is bigender

(adj)nothing or relating to a person whose gender identity or gender expression is not fixed and shifts over time or depending on the situation.
Also genderfluid, gender fluid, gender-flexible
Now, lets be clear, people who identify themselves under any of these three words have their private parts intact. They're not transgender. NO, they've NOT got their private leached or any such absurd theory running down the rumour hill.

There are some bold people who've identified themselves under these binary terms and are changing our views about these unique people who just don't fit in the gender box ideals of society's realms. There's the stunning Ruby Rose who has come out as gender fluid through her critically acclaimed video- Break Free.  Or the Crocker jeans company's ad starring the stunning Erica Linder with the apt tag line of ''Come as you are. Whatever you are." (If you've got time, I implore you to check these videos on YouTube)

These agender people are changing the deep rooted dynamics of the industry and society. There's a modelling agency called Unique Models that let girls model for men's wear or binary gender clothes. Or boys for girls wear. Now when I say girls/boys wear I strictly mean it in the literal sense of the societies ideas of gender clothes which we all have accepted.
Also let me tell you, these androgynous models are slaying in their respective fields and do it with a finesse of glamour that is shocking and unparalleled beautiful.

Now you may not accept these uniquely out of the box people as normal; Or mix up some homophobic medical or religious issues as shunning these people as "abnormal." That's a choice that's completely and solely yours and I can have no say in it and nor am I interested. All I do want to say is that - One does not have to fit our archaic societal rules set in the 80's to not live the way they want. Respect someones decisions to not identify as your idea of gender but to live as whichever whatever gender they want to.
If you're confused about a stranger's gender in public?
Here's a tip

And as Crocker jeans aptly said it- Come as you are. WHATEVER you are. 

Untill next time readers

Saturday, May 16, 2015

10 Reasons Why Pune is like no other place

1. The Weather

Whether it's the Monsoon season, Summer, Autumn or Winter; Pune has a way of beautifully wearing its seasonal veil with a nice breeze to always suite your mood. Being a student oriented population, this city's weather is perfect for every adventure to be taken.


2. The Rich Heritage Sites

From the Aga Khan Palace to Sinhagad Fort to Vetill Hill; One never tends to run out of places to see and reminisce about this country's stunning architecture and rich heritage. The haunting stories of the palaces to the battles stories of the whispering ghosts of the forts, Pune has a way of singing the songs of past glory.
Aga Khan Palace

Sinhagad Fort 

3. The Food

Pune is a foodie's heaven. Its has a very cosmopolitan background to cater for all cuisines from Chinese to Italian to European. From the juicy burgers from Burger Barn to the Vada Pav from Joshi's Vada Pav to Nile's biryani to the famous and lip smacking Shrewberry biscuits to Budhani chips to Chitale's sweets and namkeen to Vaishali's veggie friendly delicacies, Pune is literally a food paradise. 

Chitale's famous bakarwadi

Shrewsbury Biscuits 


4. The Nightlife

Pune has always been considered a very safe city for women. It's buzzing nightlife is very active during weekends where the local pubs and restaurants have amazing deals and with some or the other local celebrity music bands playing, to keep the dance floor pumping while local auto rickshaws are always available as local transport.There are always some local plays at the theatre or the cinema halls flooded with movie buffs, the city is alive on weekends and will be sure to give you weekends blues the coming Monday morning. 

Local pubs 

A concert at a local pub

5.  Shopping

Pune caters to every whim of a shopaholic, from street shopping at FC road or antique artefacts or furnisher at Juna Bazaar; to sandal shopping for the famous Osho Ashram slippers to the top notch brands at the many malls, everything is found here. The local street shopping is very pocket friendly and one can get everything- from clothes to jewellery in these shops. One's bargaining skills are definitely going to improve while shopping here. If this hustle bustle is not cut out for you then the many shopping malls with hundreds of international brands are always there. 

Women shopping at the local market
Amanora Mall
6. Local connectivity

Pune has the perfect location for weekend get-aways to Lonavala- a scenic drive among green mountains to this beautiful hill-station.  The beautiful Pune-Mumbai expressway is a smooth drive to the city that never sleeps- Mumbai, a coastal metropolitan city which is one of India's leading growing cities. Pune is also well connected by road to other states like Goa, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh.

Mumbai-Pune expressway

A tunnel on the expressway
7. The Pune Racecourse

The Pune Racecourse is an open 118.5 acres lush green filed where most of the local horse-racing and Polo matches take place. Its is controlled by the Army Cantonment area and is very well looked after. Matches are often held where the locals can watch and enjoy with a delicious brunch at the Truf Club. Many tournaments are also held here. 

The Pune Racecourse

Horse racing 

8. Places of Worship

Pune is known for its famous Dagadusheth Halwai Ganapathi temple where the Lord Ganesh is worshipped. People where all around India come to worship here and see its beauty. The St Mary's School Church is another such place which was built during the British rule and is one the oldest churches with beautifully draped glass windows. Or the Pataleshwar rock caves which is another heritage site. 

9. Osho Ashram 

The perfect place to kick back relax and learn and study the science of meditation. The stillness in the air and the aura of peacefulness and oneness that radiates from this place is one of a kind. People from all around the world come here to meditate. This ashram also offers ancient techniques for cleansing the body and modern original music as well. A place for absolute seredity and peace.
A devotee meditating at the ashram

The Osho Garden

10. Green City

Pune is known as a green city owing to the lush green tress and landscapes that adorn the city. It also has many beautifully landscaped gardens which are every nature lovers paradise. From the Botanical gardens in Empress Gardens to the quite beauty of the Osho Garden to the fountains of Bund Garden, Pune is truly a sight for sore eyes in terms of natural green tress.
The Flower Festival at Empress Garden 

A fountain in the Bund Garden Park

Pune's vast diversity and the amicable people of this city make it one of the best cities to intern in. So if you are looking for a place to intern, whether you are an international or local student, everyone and anyone is welcomed into this beautiful city which has many doors to open for social interaction and leadership opportunities. 
So if interested, what are you waiting for? To register yourself and log onto to and enjoy what this city has to offer firsthand. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Runaway Girl

She didn't know where she was going. Hell, she didn't even recognise the street she was in, but somehow her feet kept walking ahead as if they had a mind of their own. Her 3 dollar overpriced iced tea was melting; spilling a trail of droplets on the footpath while the sun shone brightly, almost blinding her as she tried to shield the sun's rays from her eyes.
All she was sure of, was the fact that she wanted to get as far away as she could from her friends and family. She was tempted to check her phone, just to see how many voice message they would leave but decided against it as she strutted along. The sun's rays were too strong for her eyes to continue without blinding, so she decided to walk into a nearby cafe to eat a scone, just as her tummy grumbled as if purring in delight. She had forgotten in the chaos of events that she'd forgotten to eat her lunch. She purchased a sandwich, scone and a cold coffee and set out to sit down and eat, when she realised that the cafe was already filled up with people and not one seat was empty.
Feeling delirious of the things that have happened to her from morning, she decided spontaneously to ask the waiter if there was a garden nearby where she might take respite from the heat and have some piece of mind, when the waiter smiled and told her, '' I'm just about to take a break, and am going to the garden too, if you want I could take you there.'' She grinned broadly and said, ''Wonderful, please lead the way,''. Just to be clear- she was not an outside person.
As they walked, she ponder about the stranger and if it was a rash decision to just blindly follow a stranger in a part of a town she'd never ventured into. But then she saw in the distance the evident crooked gate of a public park and the sounds of children's gleeful laughter.
He looked about her age, if not older, she was so rapped about her head that she hadn't noticed that he had the most strange coloured eyes, a mix of lilac and orange. His eyes were so strange and yet so beautiful, she couldn't help but stare at this angular profile, when he turned to her suddenly she swiftly looked away, her cheeks turning a bright pink. But he just gave her a mysterious smile and with a far away look in his eyes, he said goodbye and took his leave.
Still not able to get his eyes out of her mind, she found the shade of an oak tree and ate her food suddenly wondering if she should call someone to pick her up from here. She definitely didn't know the way and she was starting to worry, an ache building in her head when she heard the rustling of bushes and a man's voice swearing loudly in words she knew her mom would make her clean her mouth with soap. She turned back and saw the boy who bought her here, holding out his toe as if he had stumbled it on the nearby park bench as he nursed his toe. She quickly ran to him to see if he was okay, when she saw he spread out his arms as if he was searching for something and soon enough he found the bench and pushed himself to the ground and sat on it. She wondered if it was maybe the sand had gotten into his eyes as he slid his hand into his pocket, and took out a small stick like thing which he unfolded and she realised it was a cane. He prodded around the bench when she found the parcel of food fallen on the ground, which he was probably looking for. Probably hearing her foot steps he turned to her as she picked up the parcel and gave it to him,  he said, ''I would have found the parcel myself, but thanks for the help." with a constrained smile. Then she saw him clearly for the first time, his eyes were glossy and a black pair of thick glasses hung from his front pocket which only a blind man is well versed with. She couldn't believe she had missed his calculated walk and his glassy eyes. Wordlessly she walked away.
As she walked back, she felt as if her problems were slowly drifting away and she thought of all the trails and tribulations that beautiful eyed boy goes through day and night. Her problems seemed almost childish and she had an sudden epiphany and wondered if she was always so over-calculating and rampant from running away when things were even a little difficult. Feeling as if this jigsaw puzzle in her mind had suddenly been completed, she strutted down that pathway, feeling a little less lost and perturbed from before, almost as if her mind had attained its inner tranquillity as she strutted again as if they had a mind of their own and for the first time she felt at one with herself. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Society's Blood

Most of you people must be aware of a recent post about this one woman's woe when she was blocked from uploading a photo on a popular social site, which showed a blood stain on her bed sheet caused by periods. Also most are aware that the word 'periods' or 'menstrual cycle' is almost an offensive word in society though its a natural cause that occurs in all young girls and we are taught about the how and whys in school. The society almost shuns the usage of this word and it is a taboo especially if used in front of the opposite sex. We as women are made to mystify this natural phenomenal in our bodies and are made to hide our sanitary napkins, pads and tampons in black plastic bags under multiple layers of newspapers.
You see that girl mysteriously speed walking to the office bathroom holding a parcel under her coat? No, its not drugs, or a cigar or even a gun. Yep, you know it, it's a sanitary napkin. 
What I've always wondered since the first time I got mine was why did I have to buy and use a sanitary pad in such secrecy? Even missile attacks wouldn't have been plotted with such secrecy which we girls are taught as children to hide from our fathers, brothers and other male counterparts scrutiny. It's not like they don't know about it. Its somehow okay to talk about it in a reproduction class in school in grade 8 but not okay to talk about or even mention the word period in front of my father or brothers at home or my friends. Schools give us the whys and hows but don't give us the consequences we need to face for starting our menstrual cycle. It's self-implied.
Dear Society, yes we girls bleed for 40 years of our life. Yes we know you're aware of this fact too. But why should I have to hide this from you? Why am I made to mystify this natural cycle every month for 4-5 days? Why can't I sleep on my bed? Why can't I go into the kitchen? Why can't I visit a temple? Why can't the elders in my house touch me?
My mother told me that in the olden days people didn't allow girls to do such activities because they felt that the girl was impure during those 4-5 days and it was best to steer clear from her as she was moody and hormonal. If I pestered more she would shoo me off because either my father was around or someone else. This is such a hushed topic that its difficult to have an open dialogue. 
I've studied in an all girls school so I didn't have that many difficulties as opposed to co-ed schooled girls but I still hid my pads in a black cover and under my sweater to go to the washroom. When I entered a co-ed college I asked my classmate if she had a pad. The way she gave it to me was; with the utmost secrecy that even the Germans would have been impressed with. She took her bag and went under the table keeping me on the lookout so that no boy could even remotely see her and took out a black bag and a notebook which she nicely concealed it under and stuffed this book into my back pocket and threw her jacket over my back and quickly ushered me into the restroom. I didn't even have words for the efforts she must take at home considering she had two older brothers!
It's time to demystify this. It's getting ridiculous  day by day. Young women don't even tell their own mother or family members the first time they get their period for the fear of rejection that this phenomenal is associated with, and the many restrictions regarded by the family from now on. I know girls who've gone months without informing their family, that they've got their period. Some girls have a grudge with Hinduism because they're told not to enter multiple temples or not to touch people who are going to the temple or cannot eat certain foods. I know some girls who are not allowed to go out apart from school or sometimes even not then during these days. Is this a new height or what? 
In villages girls are made to sleep in a separate out house and given absolutely plain food of dal and rice during those days. They sleep on the floor and don't enter their house till it's over. 
But I'm so glad that this social stigma, though slowly, is being lifted. Women are getting more liberated to have an open debate about the restrictions with their family and friends and Unions are being set up by female and male advocates. What people don't understand is that this secrecy and mystifying is causing a division among the sexes and hampering the confidence and degrading this natural cycle that happens to every female organism in this world. It's time we speak up and re-think our ideas and values about this. Let's not make the future generations suffer like this. These are liberal times to live it and its damn well about time to start talking about this too. 

Here's a link to a campaign stared by Delhi University students about this topic.

Until next time readers 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The greatest game ever played?

So it's the cricket World Cup and for everyone in my homeland India this is the time for everyone to forget their problems for a while maybe wear their lucky underwear, socks, paint their faces blue or tricolour ,have a bunch of excuses ready to get out of work during the match days and the time where everyone comes together to cheer our boys in blue. It's pretty enthralling to be a part of such vigour, excitement and thrilling time of the year. Young, old, middle age men and women all over India come together to be a part of this event.
Even though, undoubtedly our men in blue are one of the best on the field, I feel like I have to acknowledge the elephant in the room. An elephant that we have ignored to the extend that it's cries are deafening. 
I'm sorry, but are we Indians aware that there are other sports apart from cricket? I'm sure we are, but we turn a blind eye to it. Can someone please tell me why?
Let's get it straight, I have nothing against the sport cricket or the sportsmen. Instead just like every other Indian, I support it wholeheartedly. But why do we as a society ignore the other 99% of other sports that are played in this country? Is it because that our men on blue are the best in their respective field? I'm sorry, but which player won't do well if he's facilitated with the best amenities, played in crores of rupees, his family more than taken care of,the whole nation supporting their sport as if their lives dependent on it, every event he plays- his travel and stay and equipment is well paid for without a glitch. Not to forget the outstanding amount of money private and public sectors pay for this IPL? The amazing amount of money we bid for international players and their stay and equipment? The expenses are almost comical if it weren't for the underlying important which we Indians give to this spot. Yes, I abhor the importance given to this sport. I condemn it whole heartily. 
What about Basketball? Football? Our national sport- hockey? Tennis? Badminton?
Yes, the government has started the IFL and Hockey league too, but for what? Are they paid as much as cricketers? Are they given world class amenities and equipment? Do thousands of people bunk their work and college to watch a semi final? Even if 50% of the population of India is aware of any other sports than cricket, it'd be achievement! Let's be real, NBA, Barclay, Super Bowl is known by a certain class of people who have TV and have subscribed to English sports channels, and this certain class is very little in comparison to this ever growing country of billions. More than half our country is below poverty line, but the roots of crickets are deepened since ancient India, which ironically introduced to us by the British.
Every Indian youth knows,it's almost like an unspoken rule that: if you want to do be in the big league in any sport and make it a profession, I think it's understood that they better as hell be good in circket or they might as well kiss their beloved sports career goodbye at national level only. Cause where does all the funding for international level tournaments for basketball/football/Kabbadi/Tennis/ swimming etc etc go? That's right. Circket! BINGOOOO.
Why don't you people understand? If you give the same importantance, love and adoration to sports other than circket, I assure you there going to be a Sachin Tandulkar in every sport. A Dhoni in basketball, football,tennis, hockey, etc. Every sports own kind of Virat Kholi. There no depletion of talent, if anything there a ocean full of it, but the tools to tame the waves of this ocean are being used only in cricket. Why can't there be an Indian team in the next FIFA? In Wimbledon? 
Let that sink in. 
I do appreciate the governments efforts to increase interest to other sports but I feel that unless we as Indians break this stigma that cricket is a gods game and the only sport out there in the world, maybe our national heroes in sports won't be treated as shit, with bare minimum pay and shitty equipment and zero acknowledgement from our world class neetaji's or any kind of awards given to them. By our one sided attitude do you know how many Sachin's, Kapil's, Dhoni's dreams we've washed away by our indifference? Think about it. 

Saying all of this, I also want to end on something I came across, to the people who think like me too, dear people bashing on cricket or abusing this game and hating on it won't get you anywhere. You'll just fuel people's ego because this games roots are embedded too deep to stop with a few hate words, instead you're the one looking like a fool. Don't hate the game, hate the importance given to it. YES, there's a difference. Educate yourself of this fine line, because I'm done explaining my believes. 

So to answer the question- which is the greatest game ever played? 
Answer: Every game played in the whole goddamn world.
Godspeed my friends. 
Let's bleed blue in every sport. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's not a bad word, I promise.

It's not a bad word, I promise you that. I can swear on it, just give it a chance.
Feminism. I can already hear the disgruntled signs and the get-over-yourself looks. But hear me out, I feel that this is a totally misjudged word and people don't know the meaning and the true meaning of it. 
"Kind of funny how you don’t read too many trend pieces – even when a study about male and female decision making appears – about how maybe some guys need to rethink whether they can land a Sports Illustrated model and take a look at women more in their league. We sell men the fantasy that with the right line, they can have any woman they desire. We tell women, meanwhile, they’re not giving guys a fair chance. And we turn a small scientific study into yet another excuse to admonish women, and to tell them they’re wrong and that they want too much."
Feminism: A world where female and male have equal rights and opportunities. No discrimination whatsoever based on ones gender. People who believe that such a world can exist are called feminists. NO, it's doesn't mean anti men. NO, it doesn't mean we think all the root causes of problems are men. NO, we do not condescend based on the only fact that you're a man or you have a penis. 
Yes, I'm not saying all feminists are like that, they're some extremists. But does that give you the right to raid on the whole belief of feminism itself? And to all those extremists who think men are the root causes of all problems- here's a reality check. You hate men, yet act just like them by trying to disregard solely based on gender. You give them the same treatment which we as feminists are against. You're no different than the next man who believes  that women are the weaker sex. The whole foundation of feminism crumbles when you act like we're the superior sex and try to repress males this under this sanctuary. Isn't that just very sad. Please don't go abusing the powers of this belief. I implore you to stop.
And to all the people who think, as I quote unquote, "Oh stop using feminism as a defense, it's all rubbish and you're all lonely women looking for ways to male bash." Well excuse me for trying to fight for equality. Excuse me for trying to get my sex, my gender; equal to men. After decades of repressing our gender, you people must be real pleased with yourselves, no? Well time's up buddy, we're here to fight; to fight for a chance for equality. To stand shoulder to shoulder with men, to be given all the rights; not to be repressed anymore. 
Some people may think- oh it's just another girl who uses the women in third world countries as bases of arguments for her feminist ways to seem important and pseudo charitable. Well excuse me but 3/5 of the world are 3rd world countries where the women have no voice of their own. Excuse me for trying to be that voice for them. I'm tired of boys ranting how they're discriminated based on how their more inclined to be the man on the family, to be the bread earner, to not show emotions. Well this is us girls/woman telling you that there's no more need for that. It's okay to show emotions, it's okay, both parties can be the parents of the house, it's okay we can both earn to to feed our family. 
We women are just asking for a chance to share all those heavy responsibilities with you- then why are you men so against it? Why don't you join us? Help us? Instead of thinking of ways to repress, stand shoulder to shoulder and help us make our beliefs come true.
It saddens me to see the rape culture these days. It's the girls fault for wearing scantly clothes. I wear a sari, a salwaar, a shorts, skirts or for that matter nothing at all. It's my right to be dressing the way I want without being eye raped, cat-called, molested, raped, disgraced for my clothing choice. Do men have to go through this everything they leave the house? Objectification of both sexes is not only morally but in all aspects is wrong. There are grounds where both male and female sexes can meet and overcome such issues. But not without the support of one another. I'm tired of people tainting this beautiful belief by some ignorant people who are bent upon abusing us feminists. I'm tired of the immaturity of boys my age who disrespect my belief thinking I'm some Saint of moral policing and will hold their private  parts against them anyway I can. Labeling  me high maintenance for being called a feminist. Showing me and my fellow feminist disrespect. Two words- GROW UP. 
Sorry not sorry that I'm the kind of feminist who isn't afraid to be sexy. Or not having the stupid logic of dressing a certain way cause "men will be men." Too bad, well freaking women will be women too. Stop making this bullshit about external appearances asking for rape. A women's external appearance is not an excuse for the dirt and filth of a man's brain or his private parts. We're adults with proper motor control over our body. Stop blaming clothes or certain norms for your sorry of an excuse mentalities. 
You men/boys joke about going to jail for the fear of getting raped? Well that's the whole world for women. Try and understand. We're not revolting against your gender. We're revolting against the ego that your gender has been feeding on by repressing my sex since decades. Learn the difference. Try being in our world, just as we shall try being in yours. 
Also to all the girls and women who are not respecting themselves, substituting their dreams and succumbing and being repressed, please reach out, raise your voice, get help. I can't force anyone to do anything but I can assure you, that we will help and stand with you. Please don't be afraid. Fight for what's yours, it's your right. 
If only we left our egos at the door, imagine all the things we can achieve.

Thanks for reading. xx