Sunday, January 17, 2016


Maybe its just not meant to be.
Maybe it was just a bad day.
Maybe its not you.
Maybe its god finally having enough of your tantrums.
Maybe this world is a conspiracy.
Maybe you're not enough.
Maybe you're thin.
Maybe you're ugly 

Maybe its meant to be
Maybe it is a good day.
Maybe it is you.
Maybe its god having a ball with you're life choices.
Maybe this world is a decent place.
Maybe you're enough.
Maybe you're fat
Maybe you're beautiful. 

Maybe you respect traditions.
Maybe you just don't give a shit.
Maybe you believe in a God.
Maybe you don't.
Maybe you believe in religion.
Maybe you believe in science. 
Maybe you have future plans.
Maybe you can't plan at all.

Maybe you talk back to elders.
Maybe you are just plain rude.
Maybe you are nice.
Maybe you like a boy.
Maybe you like a girl.
Maybe you like both.
Maybe you need love.
Maybe you want love.

Maybe, your maybe is not enough.
Maybe, your maybe is good enough.
Maybe, your maybe is a guarantee.
Maybe, your maybe is a lie.
Maybe, your maybe is a turning point.
Maybe, your maybe is a steep fall.
Maybe, I really should stop caring about the world's maybe's.
Maybe, just maybe, it is what it is.
A loophole. A maybe