Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's not a bad word, I promise.

It's not a bad word, I promise you that. I can swear on it, just give it a chance.
Feminism. I can already hear the disgruntled signs and the get-over-yourself looks. But hear me out, I feel that this is a totally misjudged word and people don't know the meaning and the true meaning of it. 
"Kind of funny how you don’t read too many trend pieces – even when a study about male and female decision making appears – about how maybe some guys need to rethink whether they can land a Sports Illustrated model and take a look at women more in their league. We sell men the fantasy that with the right line, they can have any woman they desire. We tell women, meanwhile, they’re not giving guys a fair chance. And we turn a small scientific study into yet another excuse to admonish women, and to tell them they’re wrong and that they want too much."
Feminism: A world where female and male have equal rights and opportunities. No discrimination whatsoever based on ones gender. People who believe that such a world can exist are called feminists. NO, it's doesn't mean anti men. NO, it doesn't mean we think all the root causes of problems are men. NO, we do not condescend based on the only fact that you're a man or you have a penis. 
Yes, I'm not saying all feminists are like that, they're some extremists. But does that give you the right to raid on the whole belief of feminism itself? And to all those extremists who think men are the root causes of all problems- here's a reality check. You hate men, yet act just like them by trying to disregard solely based on gender. You give them the same treatment which we as feminists are against. You're no different than the next man who believes  that women are the weaker sex. The whole foundation of feminism crumbles when you act like we're the superior sex and try to repress males this under this sanctuary. Isn't that just very sad. Please don't go abusing the powers of this belief. I implore you to stop.
And to all the people who think, as I quote unquote, "Oh stop using feminism as a defense, it's all rubbish and you're all lonely women looking for ways to male bash." Well excuse me for trying to fight for equality. Excuse me for trying to get my sex, my gender; equal to men. After decades of repressing our gender, you people must be real pleased with yourselves, no? Well time's up buddy, we're here to fight; to fight for a chance for equality. To stand shoulder to shoulder with men, to be given all the rights; not to be repressed anymore. 
Some people may think- oh it's just another girl who uses the women in third world countries as bases of arguments for her feminist ways to seem important and pseudo charitable. Well excuse me but 3/5 of the world are 3rd world countries where the women have no voice of their own. Excuse me for trying to be that voice for them. I'm tired of boys ranting how they're discriminated based on how their more inclined to be the man on the family, to be the bread earner, to not show emotions. Well this is us girls/woman telling you that there's no more need for that. It's okay to show emotions, it's okay, both parties can be the parents of the house, it's okay we can both earn to to feed our family. 
We women are just asking for a chance to share all those heavy responsibilities with you- then why are you men so against it? Why don't you join us? Help us? Instead of thinking of ways to repress, stand shoulder to shoulder and help us make our beliefs come true.
It saddens me to see the rape culture these days. It's the girls fault for wearing scantly clothes. I wear a sari, a salwaar, a shorts, skirts or for that matter nothing at all. It's my right to be dressing the way I want without being eye raped, cat-called, molested, raped, disgraced for my clothing choice. Do men have to go through this everything they leave the house? Objectification of both sexes is not only morally but in all aspects is wrong. There are grounds where both male and female sexes can meet and overcome such issues. But not without the support of one another. I'm tired of people tainting this beautiful belief by some ignorant people who are bent upon abusing us feminists. I'm tired of the immaturity of boys my age who disrespect my belief thinking I'm some Saint of moral policing and will hold their private  parts against them anyway I can. Labeling  me high maintenance for being called a feminist. Showing me and my fellow feminist disrespect. Two words- GROW UP. 
Sorry not sorry that I'm the kind of feminist who isn't afraid to be sexy. Or not having the stupid logic of dressing a certain way cause "men will be men." Too bad, well freaking women will be women too. Stop making this bullshit about external appearances asking for rape. A women's external appearance is not an excuse for the dirt and filth of a man's brain or his private parts. We're adults with proper motor control over our body. Stop blaming clothes or certain norms for your sorry of an excuse mentalities. 
You men/boys joke about going to jail for the fear of getting raped? Well that's the whole world for women. Try and understand. We're not revolting against your gender. We're revolting against the ego that your gender has been feeding on by repressing my sex since decades. Learn the difference. Try being in our world, just as we shall try being in yours. 
Also to all the girls and women who are not respecting themselves, substituting their dreams and succumbing and being repressed, please reach out, raise your voice, get help. I can't force anyone to do anything but I can assure you, that we will help and stand with you. Please don't be afraid. Fight for what's yours, it's your right. 
If only we left our egos at the door, imagine all the things we can achieve.

Thanks for reading. xx