Friday, September 27, 2013

Entertainment: Does it really entertain?

Entertainment. The act of keeping an audience engrossed in something for the sake of enjoyment. But these days, entertainment has been taken to whole new level. For the good or bad? I like to think bad. I mean have you seen the utter crap that these so called creative mind's of these directors come up with? No story line, no good climax, no acting by these highly paid actors and actresses, no originality whatsoever. I mean its like watching headless chickens roam about the screen. You can literally breathe in the air of desperation to 'entertain' us. Do we really have to stoop down to such a level that cheap comments and voluptuous jokes are the only ways of refreshing our minds? It's so degrading and demeaning to watch such movies. I mean come on! Wouldn't you rather sit at home and like sleep than torturing yourself and wasting time watching this nonsense. To top it off the ridiculously high ticket prices and popcorn. I mean call me a Judge Jody, but the name, actor and the overall appeal of the movie poster is what I speculate before even thinking of watching a film. Like actors like Akshay Kumar, Salmaan Khan are known to make movie which appeal to the lower class audience which is in fact a large chunk of our mass. Their films are actually liked for this main purpose; the absolute over the top dramatic exaggeration. To the point that you want to literally shoot yourself in the foot, for the simple fact that is feels less painful than having to sit through the film. Most of the movie are made up of the protagonist and his lover running all over town like headless chickens and somehow they end up on the wrong side of bad people and then the totally dull-luster climax of the hero having some uncanny strength to fight off the villains, as though he's flipping pancakes for breakfast. Let's not forget the totally unnecessary and frustrating songs that pop up at any time. Seriously, sometime I feel my 7 year old cousin writes better stories than these directors. Their lack of creativity is alarming and originality has totally disappeared over the time.
But the worst sin these directors so is taking up a good book and making a pathetic attempt to live up to the beautifully written works of art. I mean, if you are making a film on a book; the least you could do is not change the plot of the book. The author must obviously written the book with much thought and you should respect his work. It's pitiful really.
Entertainment these days is  not entertainment but a sad attempt to seek our attention to waste our hard-earned money on such crappy films.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Faith. Dictionary meaning: (1) : firm belief in something for which there is no proof (2) : complete trust. 
Faith, a simple word. Your devotion, belief in something. It's so easy for us to find faith in lifeless statues of so called gods and deities, to put out whole trust and believe that in cause of trouble or desires, we join our hands and pray that's god helps us. I don't get it, if you yourself don't help yourself, how is god or anybody supposed to help you?  It's true when they say that 'God helps those who help themselves.' 
Can anybody really stand up right now, in this instant, at this moment with full confidence say that there is a god is that big blue sky. The most powerful man, who rules anything and everything that we know of, who is the ruler of this universe, the mightiest of all, the kindest, faultless, perfect person who the world ever knows of? Can you? Yes you! Can you really? Have you physically seen this person? Talked to him? Touched him? 
I know for a fact that nobody has and whoever claims he has is saying gibberish and we all are aware of it. 
God, religion, customs. All of this is made by man alone, for he lacks the self confidence to believe in himself, to have faith and to seek his inner god. I think everyone is born perfect, just like a god. But this errs, decisions, choices in his life make him human. 
Trust me, I know how hard it is to have that self confidence in oneself when your life's results have repeatedly disappointed you, life's failures, un-justness, accidents- all of these events in one life hampers faith in yourself. For example- I just have given my IIT preparations exams- like a mock test. Trust me, I've not studied this hard since for like forever. Throughout my schools days I'm used to studying late minutes and getting my marks, but for once in a long time I studied, and guess what? I got such low marks that my life pride and confidence was shattered. My ego was hurt and all I would do is secretly bawl my eyes out. Demeaning myself by putting myself down by calling myself  a failure, a loser. Harsh? Yes. But at that time, I did not have anybody else to blame but myself. My parents did not pressurize me at all, instead they were giving excuses on my behalf to make me feel better. I know, my parents are awesome but at the end of the day, it's still hurts. To build up that confidence is the hardest part of the process. To have faith, to believe in myself. Gradually I've accepted that I may not be the brightest of the lot, and I need to put in way more efforts than my fellow classmates, to change my pattern of studying. But hey, I promise you I'm getting there, to the day I'll feel proud of myself, of my marks and win back my confidence. I promise you, I do my best and give it my all. That's all that matters. It's just a bad day, not a bad life. So I'm going to pick myself right up, dust out the negativity and work harder. I know this 'god' will have to give me my much earned fruits now or later. That's not the point though, the point is to have faith, believe that good things will happen to you and remember to always help yourself and not depend on anybody else. At the end of it, it's your life. So have faith my friends, not in god, but in your inner goodness.