Monday, August 19, 2013

Growing up

As a child, I used to look up to my older siblings and friends and just think 'I can't wait to grow old! Or how cool are grown ups? Not having to study, having money to eat all they want, buy the things they like!'
Can you blame me? I think every little kid wants to grow up fast, so they can make all their fantasies to come true, to not have to do homework and live without adult supervision. At least I sure did think that, and now? When I'm on the borderline of being an adult, all I wish for with all my heart, is go back to being a kid, where the hardest choice of picking the right crayon color to draw. 
I mean as kids, we aren't responsible for our actions, we don't have to really think about our future, we don't have relationship problems or strained family issues, we don't have to worry about our looks. All we do is live in that moment, be childish, happy, carefree, irresponsible. I mean as kids we think the world is a beautiful place full of rainbows and Prince Charmings' waiting to sweep us off our feet. 
It's only when you enter your teens, you are dawned upon the harsh realities of life, and it hits you like a million bricks. The worst part is- you realize that this this world we live in, is full of demons and we are in desperate shortage of hero's who may save this diabolic world. 
Nobody ever told me growing up would be so hard! Making the right choices, being responsible for your own self, knowing how to take care of yourself, planing a future which is respectful for your parents and the society, trying to make a mark in this world, studying and working your butt off and yet not receiving your goal as its a rats race to the finish line. Being a teen? That's hard too, life isn't about partying and studying. We teen are the most confusing souls to elders, they just put a tag on us as rebellious, thankless, useless, etc. But have they tried to put themselves in our place? We are expected to act as adults, but still behave as children. I mean, how does anyone expect us to do that? And the funny part is that we are trying out best to do this, so maybe next time, parents can show a little empathy for us?  Not to mention we carry the pressure of our parents expectations of us around, like a 1000 kilo bag, permanently attached on our backs, till we get a job. Not only our parents but also to prove ourselves, to have faith when all those around doubt you, when other teens around you seem like a 1893763 times smarter than you, and you feel like the most hopeless fool of the century. At times like these, growing up sucks, to believe in ourselves to have faith and rekindle our hopes to achieve our goals. It's hard, but it's a journey we all have to endure by ourselves. But with our family an friends to keep us company, growing up is a little less hard, and enjoyable. Don't you agree?