Friday, September 5, 2014

At this moment.

At this moment someone is brushing their teeth to go to bed, while somewhere the suns rises in the horizon, making people brush their teeth for the exact opposite reason. Someone is falling asleep to the soothing melodies of a lullaby, at the same time somewhere some one's waking up to the shrill screeches of the rooster  waking them up. Somewhere people are fighting over silly reasons, breaking relations while somewhere, some kids share their P&B sandwich on their first day of school, with all their little awkward cuteness marking their soon to last; long lasting friendships.
At this moment, some painfully hang onto their last breaths while some take their first breaths from their mother wombs. Some cry and grieve at the loss of loved ones while some cry and celebrate of a new life on this planet. Some take their first steps as an individual while some lose their legs over tragic accidents. Some say their first words while their loved ones celebrate on the other hand, some say their last words while their loved ones grieve. 
At this moment- someone is falling in love with some one's eyes while someone else is falling out of those same eyes he fell in love with. Some people are saying their "I do!" to tie their love in a legal binding While others are saying "I do" to break this very legal bond once made on love. While some people are making new friends others make enemies. Some are stepping out of the circle of life and risking their lives to fell a thrill of excitement while others live and die, all their lives contemplating on whether to step out and actually feel alive. While some gain something out of serendipitous situations while others lose all they've got in tragic situations. The sun rises somewhere in the horizon while in the same horizon on the other side of the world- the same horizon sets the very same sun. Isn't it funny? Thinking about all these precious, tragic, exhilarating, somewhat diabolical and beautiful at the same time painful moments that occur every passing moment. Just think about it! The possibilities are endless. 
To infinity and beyond, god darn my heads such a painful beautiful and wonderful place to live in! 
And this is such a sneak peak of what it's like.