Wednesday, July 31, 2013

To dad, with love

                          To dad,

                                       with love.

1st August.
Here it is! The day has finally arrived. The day my hero, my true idol, my favourite man on this earth was born. For those of you who might not have the knack of getting hints-my father.
So where do I begin? How? Will what I write be worth? How do I write about someone who has been an inspiration, a role model, a shoulder to lean on, my brick, my everything? That even words are not enough for this man? 
I remember those days, when you were still serving our borders so that people like you and I can live fearlessly without the fear of harm.  So that other men can have their families protected while you spend many a nights in below freezing temperature, together with our other brave hearts, fighting to keep our India safe? I do not think that we as civilians understand the kind of determination, vigour, bravery, strength, stamina, resolution that one needs to spend months and in some cases years without seeing civilization and to be away from their families, their love ones.
It is still etched  in my memory those days where you used to come home after 5 to 6 months, covered with literally a forest of facial hair, that turban, and that sparkle in your eyes, ecstatic to be home. But me stubborn being the 4-year-old, refused to come near you, thinking you were some strange man, who wanted to play with me and used to run away from your warm open arms. Hey, do not judge. I think even you'd be scared if you saw my father, he was the epitome of creepiness (no offense dad, I still love you!) But somehow even with my misguided mistrust on your external bravado, you'd still win my heart and we'd spend the rest of your time playing together, until you'd leave again to the train station, me literally fitting you like second skin; like Cinderella's lost shoe or in your case an army combat boot, wailing, begging for you not to go back. Maybe being in the army has made you miss some parts of my growing up, but be rest assured I don't think I would have wished to have it another way. Otherwise, how would I have gone around my school bulling my teachers to give me what am I want threatening that if they didn't obey to my wishes, my daddy would come with his big gun and shoot her. Well you could say I was kind of stubborn ? Ah, let's go with stubborn, yes I was a stubborn kid who always wanted her way, and maybe just implying or hinting to my friends or teachers that I had an army dad, somehow made me feel proud. Seeing in their eyes a hint of admiration for my dads profile just compensated your absence.  
Even now, you might have left the army, but you still manage to be the coolest dad from my social circle thanks to your charismatic skills of socialising and attracting people to you, by your boisterous personality, wit and your entertaining tales of your life stories. I mean come on! How many kids can say that their dads lived on for months for with 30 feet if snow capped mountains and nothing else to keep them company,fought battles, still have stolen merchandise from the militants they have killed with them, killed bad people ( and I mean it in the nicest way possible). Let me let you, not many can. That's what made my childhood cool. I have no one to thank for but you,dad. My favourite man on this earth. 
Even now when you're not in the army and are working for an MNC. You still manage to make the corporate world seem cool and with your taste for fashion make a little more glamorous? I wonder how you manage to do so much! Never have I seen a more hard working man than you. 
Oh and how could I ever forget that never ending knowledge of yours? You always know the answers to all of my questions and as a kid, I always thought you had a magic book where you would get all the answers. Yes, I was pretty imaginative kid then, wasn't I? I like to think I still am. 
Well that's going off topic. Sometimes I seriously think words can be enough. But I got to work with what I've got, so maybe I don't have the most beautiful hands to create a beautiful portrait of you and I or make the most beautiful card. Or not have I the money to buy you the things you want. But what I do have is a handful of writing skills which I have put to my best use to write to you, perhaps even just a small blog, to wish you all the happiness in the world! So happy birthday papa, I love you to the moon and back! May god bless you and I hope someday I can inspire people just as you inspired me. Many many many more to come, happy birthday once again to the most wonderful dad in the whole wide world 
PS- I know right now things may seem to be hard, but remember- everything will be okay in the end. If its not okay, it's not the end. So have faith dad, and your family is always always with you. 
                              From your favourite