Thursday, July 25, 2013

Au Revoir or goodbye?

                      SCHOOL DAYS 

I remember the times I've looked at a senior of my school and almost, like an instantaneous combustion of gas molecules go like, 'Oh my god, I wish I was her/him. That lucky girl/boy has a counted number of days left to be officially booted out of this school and into the wonderful world, full of  opportunities; while I sit here and continue going to this claustrophobic environment of these never ending exams and studies.'
Its funny how after 3 years I'm in their position, more ready than I can ever be; but a certain part of my mind nagging, brooding even so, a tiny voice reminding me that my school days are over. My usual routine for the past 10 years of my life, has finally come to an end, no, not a pause but a legitimate end. No more taking the morning bus, no more annoying kinder garden kids screeching to go back home, no more vigorous basketball sessions, no more boring morning assemblies etc.
But come on, I think the sole reason we all would drag our butts all those years, was to see your best friend smiling, eagerly waiting to share her never ending drama or to gossip about just about anything under the sun. Spending lunch time catching up with your friends, teasing, annoying them and of course saying the most wonderful and lovely things about our teachers. Sarcasm intended of course. 
Jokes aside, I think however we may think we hate school, we miss it with all our hearts when those days are gone.My mother always says- the friends you make in school are the ones that will last you a lifetime, and I stand true by this statement.  We may drift apart, making our own careers, making our choice; but I know I can always depend on them when in trouble.
 Its true when they say that you never know the true worth of something unless its gone. So maybe we should start to appreciate the people and things around us, stop our wining and realise the true worth of something, cause who know how long you will have it? This life is full of surprises. Around ever corner, some happy, some unexpected. But hey, life sucks; but we have to deal with it and just make the best of everything you have. So if you are a 50,15 or even 5, school days are never over, even if it seems so. Its your way of living or perspective of this ever changing life whether you want to live as a school boy- carefree, happy, innocent, childish; its all a matter of how you see things. 
So saying goodbye to school days is over-rated. Its all a matter of finding that innocence, that childishness, the happiness in the simplest of aspects in ones life. 
So Au Revoir my friend!