Sunday, March 4, 2018

Mind your heart

Dear Heart,
We've known each other for what, twenty years now? Wow, man she really is growing up fast. You and I have been in love with the same person for so long. Now for some, that would make you my competition. But I've never seen you like that. You're more of an equal I wish I got along better. For most parts, I want to be like you.

Now we may have never gotten along with anything. Why are you so goddamn different in everything? It's almost like all the logical and plausible explanations never make any sense to you. You stick to your guts, not thinking about the repercussions, while my warnings are taken for granted. Are you really that different from my every core setting or do you do it to get a kick from it? It never fails to surprise me, how two people who are so dissimilar, could be in love with the same person.

Opposites attract. Now that's a stereotype that didn't make sense for me, but you always believed in it. How can you be attracted to someone who is on a different page every time you read the same book. It's like two parallel lines that never meet. Where is our common ground? Maybe our common ground is the person we love. It's ironic, we spend all our times working countless to make her life better, but we end up confusing her to no ends. We give her sleepless nights and anxiety as she tries to make sense of our polarizing decisions. Little did she know, it's our genetic composition is to be the exact opposite of each other. You're a wild flame I keep trying to tame as you laugh precariously at my silly attempts.

Poets, authors and philosophers have spent their entire lives trying to make sense of us, yet nobody seems to explain our hot and cold relationship. I wish we saw more eye to eye because you see the world in colours that aren't in my palette. I calculate every outcome as you frivolously throw your hands to the wind, flying in any direction. Your lack of planning and research is worrisome sometimes, yet she seems to listen to you than my planned outcomes.  I envy that. I wish I could be more like you and maybe, just maybe she'd like to listen to me too?

They say the heart wants what it wants. But what about me? Why can't I get what I want? I control almost every other function of her body. All the muscles in her body sway to my every word, but not you. You're the main muscle that beats continuously to keep her alive. You and I are both aware that without your continuous work time, I don't exist. But without me, she doesn't exist as she does now.

I think deep down if it weren't for your compassion and kindness, our girl would never be who she is now. I teach the science and you teach the arts. I'm theory and you're philosophy. Who knew body parts also had favourite subjects? We're working tirelessly for the same university. The University of keeping our girl healthy and happy. My students are all the motor muscles while you teach the blood cells and those notorious hormones to be in check with the syllabus. The syllabus of her.

I know my syllabus of her becomes less vast than yours as our little girl becomes older, but your work never stops. I don't think I'll ever get a chance to thank you for that.

I love you with all the love I'm allowed to give by you.

So thank you, heart, thank you for everything.
With all my (figurative) heart,
Your partner in crime, Brain.  
Credits: theawkwardyenti