Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer bummer love

As the crystal periwinkle coloured water kissed the silvery white shores of the islands, I felt the sand beneath my feet trying to escape as I curled my toes trying to clutch them, failing miserably as the stubborn waters washed the velvety sand between my toenails. almost as if it was trying to pull me into the big blue canvas; forcing me to forget my worries and just literally go with the flow. Oh how I wish I did.
Walking along the scenic Island coastline was like a beautiful and surreal experience. With the sun beating down my back; the smell of salt in the air as a gentle cool breeze helped me keep the humidity at bay. The silvered sand glistening as if some pirates had hidden their secret stash of treasure underneath the sand, stunning the onlookers with their shine, prodding them to break into a treasure hunt. 
While the vast blue ocean tried to swallow the shoreline, I walked with my bare feet digging into the sand creating footprints while the cheeky waves erased my very evidence of ever being there. 'Walk barefooted in sand once in a while and you'd never have to pay money for a pedicure.' Reminiscing these lines said by my grandmother, I looked into the angry sky, as the sun tried to run away from the clouds that were trying to overshadow the blue ocean in the horizon. 
The beach was full of these tiny sea crabs. With each step I took, every sea crab within a 10m distance hid away into their shell. Obviously not liking the intruder treading their lands with her gigantic feet. It was like a chain reaction, as I walked every living thing around me locked themselves away; hiding from the scrutiny of human eyes. There is that line between nature and us. If these crabs were humans- they'd probably shine their outer shells and strut their stuff, showing off their islands to the intruder. While these tiny creature want to be left to their solitude, not interested to show the world what they've got. Now that's a hidden valuable lesson neither school, society nor anyone for that matter can teach us. 
Out of the corner of my mind I saw a movement on one of the dried up corals. On inspecting a little closer I saw a tiny kitten purring softly as it tried in it's cat monologue to build up it's courage to jump over the small stretch of water and landing safely onto the inviting silver arid sand. Stranding without anyone to help- the kitten purred pitifully. Boy don't we all know this feeling?  Carefully I tried to coax the tiny thing into letting me pick her up so that I could land her feet on the sand. It took half a packet of crushed Oreos and a good old 10 minutes of "good kitty, nice kitty." 
Mission accomplished. 
The kitten purred and wrapped herself around my foot almost as if giving me her gratitude. Oh how my heart was set on this creature. I played with the animal till it the sun kissed the ocean; marking my departure. 
After a million kisses, a full packed of crushed Oreos  and a prolonged goodbye I set foot back home wishing the animal a good life. The kitten followed me half the way till it's tiny paws probably worn out and it's tiny figure disappearing into the now dimly lit up sky. 
I wonder if that's what summers about. Finding tranquility in the wilderness of the earth, learning to appreciate Mother Earth, just finding the almost extinct solitude from the hassle of city life. I hope the kitten remembers me, if I ever someday stumble into her again, though I know there's a bleak chance of that ever happening. 
Forgotten summer love, sun kissed skin, blue skies, a new sense of confinement and a brief agreement between the mind and your heart, almost lulling you to never go back. 
Now that's what summers all about.